I was off the last two weeks, so I made my annual pilgrimage to Seattle for PAX Prime.  But before that, I went to British Columbia for a few days.  I have family there, and I wanted to see the Game of Thrones exhibit at the Pacific National Exhibition and the Douglas Coupland exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Those, along with a visit to the Vancouver Lookout and tracking down the famed JAPADOG hot dog stand, led to a full couple days in Vancouver.

I made my way to Seattle, ready to go for PAX Prime.  Each day, I roamed the convention centre, checking out the exhibitors and displays for anything that looked really cool.  Or they had free swag.  It's all about the swag.

On Friday I attended the keynote with Mikey Neumann, Chief Creative Champion of Gearbox Software, at the start of the first day.  I ended it with seeing the panels with Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of Final Fantasy) and Cards Against Humanity.

On Saturday, day two, I went to the Halo and League of Legends design panels.  I also went to a live comedy show hosted by Cards Against Humanity and had a great time.

On Sunday, day three, I went to the Destiny and Tetris panels. I got to see Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris!

Lastly, on Friday, day four; I went to the Penny Arcade Q&A with Gabe and Tycho.  They are still keeping up some PAX traditions at their panel:

  1. The communal knuckle-crack.
  2. The introduction of a new swear word.

That afternoon, I entered into the You Don't Know Jack console tournament, and was eliminated in the fourth round.  However, that did give me time to catch the live stream of the Omegathon final round, of which the chosen game was Pac-Man.

I was wiped out at the end of this PAX, but in a good way, as I was also taking lots of pictures for my Extra Life guild's Instagram as their man on the scene.

But I think I finally caught the PAX Pox my last night in Seattle, as I woke up Tuesday morning in the hotel not feeling so hot.  But my flight home wasn't until that night, so I spent my last day in Seattle catching a matinee of the 30th anniversary screening of Ghostbusters and taking a stroll through Pike Place Market.  I wanted to try Piroshky-Piroshky.

I had a blast at my fifth PAX, and I'm looking forward to next time.

Pictures to come.

AuthorJason Montgomery

On certain days of the year, or on particular occasions, I like to watch certain movies.  Here they are.

October 31, Halloween:

  • Nothing specific, just a scary movie on my iPad either rented from iTunes or streamed from Netflix as it's my job to wait in the living room and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  Mom said she's never made it through Psycho so one year I watched it with the iPad's sound up full blast while she worked on her crafts on the other side of the room.

November 5, Guy Fawkes Night:

November 17, Wookiee Life Day:

December 24, Christmas Eve Double-Feature:

  1. Die Hard.  A modern holiday classic.  Christmas just isn't Christmas until you see Bruce Willis shoot up a bunch of European terrorists and blow up half a skyscraper in the process.
  2. The Polar Express.  I like trains.

The Night Before Flying Out on Vacation:

  • Up in the Air.  It reminds me that home is wherever you make it.

This list will be updated whenever.

AuthorJason Montgomery

I was on the bus today, and when my stop came, the person ahead of me at the exit door tried to open it by waving his hand at the green light above the door and not pushing the bars on the door. Despite clear, concise, simple, monosyllabic instructions written on the door saying to push the bars to open the door, this moron reached above and waved at the green "you can open the door now" light with his hand.

I have seen countless people incorrectly trying to open the exit doors on Calgary Transit buses and it stops now.

AuthorJason Montgomery