Wednesday night was David Letterman's final show, and I was a big fan in high school.  So I went digging through old Word files I still had from my senior year, and found this gem I wrote for Humanities class. We were nearing the end of studying George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, so I presented/performed this for my study group.

From the Party home office in London, Airstrip One...


10.  Those damn Eurasian bastards!  (Or is it Eastasia today?)

9.  Goldstein's book is selling better than mine, "12 Easy Steps to World Domination."

8.  There's nothing on the telescreen late at night except that gap-toothed dimwit.

7.  When people call me "B.B.", the proles think I'm a gun.

6.  Windows 84

5.  All those posters don't bring out my natural highlights.

4.  Xylophone music. (Oops, that from a list of everybody's pet peeves.)

3.  Doubleungood tenlist.

2.  How would you like it if you were just a physical manifestation of a political movement?

1.  I can't subscribe to "Pornosec Monthly"!

AuthorJason Montgomery

For Easter yesterday, Mom got me a LEGO Minifigure foil pack, which turned out to be the Egyptian Warrior.  Now I don't know how Egypt fits into Easter, but that's besides the point.  A few days ago, I found that LEGO posted this:

And I just had a horrifying thought.  What if LEGO decides to release foil packs of Doctor Who minifigs, like they've done before with The Simpsons and The LEGO Movie?  I can see that from both a business and a design point of view.  It would be more economical to release a full LEGO set with, say, The Twelfth Doctor and Clara minifigs and then go back and release lots more characters in those random foil packs.

And with me and my completionist streak a kilometre wide?  This will not end well.

AuthorJason Montgomery